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Our Journey

 Our Original Hot Mustard took decades to develop. It was finally perfected around the turn of the millennium and has remained unchanged since. It has been a staple for our family's Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for decades and has remained a closely held family secret until now! We have finally decided to share this great mustard with the world! We started out at a few farmer's markets east of Toronto in the Fall of 2020 and haven't looked back. Our products are available in more than 70 stores throughout Ontario and growing.
 We continue to expand our product offering and experiment with new flavours and we have to say, we nailed each one of them! Each mustard has a perfect balance of heat and sweet, with a unique taste to each. We have a flavour for every palate, and continue to conjure up exciting flavours. A better collection of mustard and condiments would be hard to find anywhere on Earth! Once you've tried our mustard, nothing else will do. Try them all and find your favourite!

We've Got A Winner!

We're delighted to have participated in a number of international competitions! In just two short years, our amazing line of condiments have been recognized numerous times! We're confident we'll be adding many more of our incredible condiments onto this list soon! In the meantime, grab a jar and find out for yourself just how good they are!

World-Wide Mustard Competition
2022 Silver Medal - Honey Mustard Category - Hot & Sweet Honey Mustard
2022 Gold Medal - Fruit Mustard Category - Hot Pink Pumpkin Mustard
2021 Bronze Medal - Honey Mustard Category - Hot & Sweet Honey Mustard

International Flavour Awards(Artisan)
2022 Mustards - 1st Place - Almost Original Mustard
2022 Jams/Jellies - 3rd Place - Carrot Cake Jam
2022 Butters - 3rd Place - Apple Butter

International Flavour Awards(Spicy)
2022 Mustards - 1st Place - Cajun Spice Mustard
2022 Mild/Medium Salsa - 3rd Place - Savoury Salsa

Ontario Made

We're proud to make all of our amazing products right in the heart of Ontario. We started out in Northumberland County and Toronto and have been happily enhancing people's meals from day one. We source our ingredients and supplies from local producers whenever possible, ranging from produce direct from local farmers, to packaging and other supplies, we're always looking to support local whenever we can. Ontario is a diverse and amazing place, with an endless amount of things to discover and we're excited to be a part of that!